Water Hyacinth

Project Overview

Dr. David Pigott and his students have found a solution to the Water Hyacinth problem that has affected over 50 countries. Soapbox produced a 60-second video demonstrating the solution to this growing problem. A rack card was also designed that contained additional information about the project.


Case Study

Dr. David Pigott hired Soapbox to produce a video to further explain the problems that the Water Hyacinth plant is causing in over 50 countries. Water Hyacinth is an evasive species causing a multitude of problems. By harvesting and converting it to fuel, affected regions can improve their environmental and economic situations.

Soapbox produced a 60-second video. The video has simple graphics that illustrate the message in international terms. The video has two separate voiceovers. It is in English and Luganda, Uganda’s primary language. A rack card was also designed and contained all the information that the audience needs to know.

The video was to reach out to a panel of environmentalists and activists and the officials in affected countries to whom they are proposing the solution.
The goal of this campaign was to authentically communicate the problems that countries infested with Water Hyacinth are currently facing. The video should give its viewers a sense of urgency about this problem. This video showcases the creative and complete solution that is being proposed in a way that is easy to understand.


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