Signal Relief

Project Description

Signal Relief has been a client of Soapbox Agency since November 2019. The agency was hired on through a sub-contract from RBDC due to skills and expertise that were outside of RBDC’s professional experience; graphic design, video production, etc. RBDC and Soapbox created, planned, and prepared a 500-person survey to test and relay information on their product, Signal, along with the materials that would be included in the packages sent to the survey participants.

At the same time, Soapbox received a direct contract with Signal Relief for logo design, product design, and for the agency’s marketing department to perform market research and analysis for social media and search ads. From that market research Soapbox identified and outlined 3 separate personas for Signal Relief to help identify 500 people for their survey, and discover their potential target audience to use when Signal Relief would launch as a company. Throughout the duration of this project Soapbox created product-specific documentation (How to Use Guide and Product-use Journal), logo designs, product designs, packaging designs and construction, market research and analysis, and a combination of social media and search ads.

After Soapbox Agency and the RBDC completed this project, Signal Relief and Soapbox began working directly with one another. Signal Relief has since and continues to utilize Soapbox in creating content for their social media accounts on varying platforms. This content ranges from high quality photography, copy addressed to their target audience or specific personas, short videos ranging between :05 to :10 seconds, and vector graphics.



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