BYU-Idaho has printed a student newspaper since 1905, though it was officially named Scroll in 1973. Soapbox partners with the Scroll newspaper to promote and engage students with campus news. In 2019 Scroll made the leap from printed papers to an online application. This leap, along with the knowledge that not many students read or knew about the Scroll, led to the need of promotion.

To promote the Scroll, Soapbox made the newspaper a greater presence on campus by designing posters, creating videos and having informational booths set up on campus. The Scroll chalkboard walls, hot chocolate stands, kissing booth and birthday party efforts not only helped to make the Scroll more well-known, but also helped drive awareness for the online app.

At the end of 2018, 150 students had downloaded the Scroll app. Due Soapbox’s promotional efforts, the Scroll’s campaign ended with a 15 percent success rate and Scroll social channels increased in following. 


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