RockHouse Dentistry

Project Description

Soapbox Agency worked with local dental practice Rockhouse Dentistry in 2016 to produce two videos for use on the company’s social media pages—Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The goal of the videos was to educate Rockhouse Dentistry’s audience and explain different aspects of oral health and hygiene, such as the importance of fluoride and the differences between cancer and cold sores. The videos also encouraged potential clients to make an appointment if action was necessary for their oral health.

A team of Soapbox employees consisting of copywriters, researchers, designers, and animators set out planning and producing the two videos, titled “What is Oral Cancer” and “Fluoride.” Information for the videos was provided by Rockhouse Dentistry and also gathered by Soapbox’s research team.

The videos were one-to-two minutes long and included design and animation with scripted voice-over narration and a musical background. Thumbnails were also provided for use on Rockhouse Dentistry’s social media sites.

Rockhouse Dentistry was very pleased with the work that was done for them by Soapbox. The videos were posted online and can still be viewed on the company’s Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages respectively.


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