North Fork Dental Care

Project Description

Soapbox Agency worked with Rexburg dental practice North Fork Dental Care to create promotional videos for its website to encourage potential clients to choose North Fork Dental Care over its competition. North Fork Dental Care also requested a video to play in the office’s waiting room to keep patients entertained while waiting for their appointments.

The project utilized a team of three agency staff members—including a designer, copywriter and videographer. These three employees worked for 124 hours to complete the project.

Soapbox’s assistance helped potential patients to see why exactly they should choose North Fork Dental Care over other competitors.

The copywriting staff members focused primarily on creating script materials for the motion graphic video, and writing out facts, biographies and other content for the video. It took the copy team about six hours to complete the copy.

Design team members worked on graphics for the motion graphic video for the lobby. The design team took about six hours to finish their part of the project.

The video production team spent approximately 100 hours to produce, film, edit and finalize the promotional videos. Production time was composed of two shoots and five visual effects.

The primary target audience for these promotional videos was BYU-Idaho students, with a secondary audience of families and elderly members within the Rexburg community.

Dr. James Thomason is the practice’s lead dentist and Dr. Jared Randall is the orthodontist. These professionals offer clients a full range of comprehensive dentistry. North Fork Dental’s business goal is not only to provide patients with necessary dental treatments—its goal is to exceed their patients’ expectations.


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525 S. Center St. Spori 114
Rexburg, ID 83460-0115


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