Higher Education In Idaho

Project Description

Soapbox was hired by the Higher Education in Idaho (IACRO) to create and produce a booklet and video, which was to be distributed to every high school junior in Idaho. The purpose of these materials was to share information about each college’s cost; majors offered, locations and qualities that separated that university from others. All of this was featured in the video and booklet.

The project started by Soapbox contacting each college in Idaho asking for a page of information about what they wanted to be featured in the video and booklet. The information that was included ranged from their statistics to campus atmosphere. For the video, content was trimmed down so it would fit into a 25-30 second spoken piece. For schools that did not provide the requested information in time, research was done to find the best statistics and benefits of the college to showcase.

After the information was gathered, each school’s piece was formatted to a script format. Once a script was finalized, auditions were held to find narrators for the video; two narrators were selected to fit the role.


A few months later, the pre-production was finished, and Soapbox went on a week-long road trip to visit and shoot at each university around Idaho. At each school, the narrators were filmed reciting the corresponding portion of the script, while photographers took pictures of the campus for the booklet.

The booklet helped describe the twelve schools in greater detail than the video could. While the booklet focused more on the statistics and similar information of each school, the video focused more on campus life, and the student programs offered.


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