Talent Catalyst

Project Description

Talent Catalyst hired Soapbox to produce videos that they can use to sell to college and high school graduates. The purpose of these videos is to teach them the best ways to get a job, and what skills are going to help them reach their goals in life.

Talent Catalyst provided scripts, concepts, and any other additional information Soapbox needed to complete the videos.

Soapbox produced two micro-courses consisting of three episodes per course. Each video is three minutes long. In total, six episodes were produced. Soapbox also produced a speaker reel video that is about 60 minutes long.

The micro-course videos included animations and graphics, video and audio presentation recording, and various camera angles.

The studio recording for the micro-courses and the presentation for the speaker reel video took place on March 1st-3rd at BYU-Idaho.

The videos can be viewed on Talent Catalyst website for a subscription fee.


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