College of Eastern Idaho

Project Description

The College of Eastern Idaho has been a client of Soapbox Agency since September 2017. They have hired the agency to develop its brand through promotional videos and social media posts. Soapbox was able to complete two different contracts for the College of Eastern Idaho in a timeframe of about a month and a half.

The client contracted with Soapbox to provide content for a Facebook campaign to promote the college, as well as promote enrollment for the winter semester. Soapbox was also contracted to produce a 30-second video along with two, 15-second cuts of that original 30-second video. This video showcased the campus, students and classroom environment and was compatible with Social Media, Web page, and television advertising uses. Filmed at 60 frames per second, the video crew used glide cams, and depth of field shots to capture the essence of CEI. Additionally, the video has a music overlay and motion graphics.

In addition to the video, Soapbox captured hundreds of professional photos of the CEI campus, its students, and their unique classroom settings. The copy team at Soapbox then went on to write creative and promotional captions for each of these photos. The photo and caption were then added to CEI’s Facebook page for potential students to see.

Soapbox is currently contracted with CEI to develop ten new videos including, three new promotional videos and seven program videos; as well as creating 30 new social media posts.


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