Project Description

In the Fall of 2015, Brandforge hired Soapbox to create purchasable native advertising and to increase audience impressions about the company. Soapbox was asked to provide two videos to promote Brandforge to other companies and create advertising space for them.

Soapbox started by using a script to make graphics for a video. The videos were a simple design but promoted Brandforge by representing types of “life-hacks” people could do with hot chocolate and cooking in a waffle iron. The waffle-iron video was 45 seconds long while the hot chocolate video lasted 90 seconds.

The videos allowed Brandforge to pitch native advertising ideas that engaged audiences and interested businesses they marketed for; thus, meeting the objective of increasing audience impressions.

Brandforge is the digital content studio under Deseret Digital Media that is “designed to help digital publishers grow audience & revenue opportunities through engaging, carefully crafted articles, video and more. [They] specialize in native advertising, highly curated newsfeeds and custom content.”


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