Project Description

Artemis, a gun safe company that specializes in quick access, fingerprint lock safes, approached Soapbox to develop a logo and shoot four videos to be used on their website.

Wayne H. Jones, the developer of the product, wanted this to be a safe that would be easily accessible to the owner but sheltered from the hands of children. For that reason, the target audience for the logo and videos was parents with younger children.

The logo was designed to resemble Artemis (for obvious reasons), the Greek Goddess of the hunt, and is shown on their website and their products.

The videos Soapbox created show a variety of situations and explanations to why someone would need the Artemis Biometric Handgun Case. One shows an instance of two kids fighting with Nerf guns until one of them finds a handgun hidden under a bed. The idea was to give a visual representation to the statistic that two kids are injured by accidental gun use per week in the United States.



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