Alpha Graphics

Project Description

AlphaGraphics is a print shop that offers printing services, marketing solutions, graphic design and custom business sign and banner production. AlphaGraphics hired Soapbox to write blog posts and produce videos to help them promote their business and show the services they offer.

The Soapbox copy team wrote a total of 60 blog articles for the client’s website. AlphaGraphics provided some information and expressed what they wanted the different blog posts to be about. Students at Soapbox conducted further research based on the information that was given.

The blog posts included information about the machinery used, their brand positioning, traffic viewings, information on how they can help customers know how to advertise their business and advised to show that AlphaGraphics is here to help their customers.

Soapbox produced three videos for AlphaGraphics. The first video was titled, “We are AlphaGraphics.” In the video, three employees from the Idaho Falls location shared what they do, why using AlphaGraphics was beneficial, and to show their competitive edge versus
other companies.

The second video was titled, “Why the Look of your Business Matters.” This video was a skit. The video was about a cupcake salesman who wanted more business. At the beginning of the video, he wasn’t getting as much business as his competitor next to him. He realized it was because he needed advertising, and so he went to AlphaGraphics for help with his advertising. By the end of the video, he had more customers than his competitor. This purpose of this video was to promote how AlphaGraphics can help
your business.


The third video was called, “Life of a Print.” This video was a step-step process of how to make a booklet and a bound folder. This video had no dialogue and had classical music in the background. The purpose of this video was to show the steps of the production process and showcasing the machinery, closing with the final project.

AlphaGraphics was very pleased with the work that Soapbox did and the teamwork they demonstrated. They immediately posted the videos on their YouTube Channel and posted the blog articles on their website.


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