Whether you work in a cubical from nine to five or at a register asking customers, “Would you like fries with that?” chances are there’s room for more fun in your work life. Life is too short to be miserable, so here are five ways to make your job more fun.

1. Make your workplace feel like home

A recent study shows that an increasing number of workers are spending more time at work than their own homes. If this is the case for you, ensuring that you enjoy your workspace is vital for your sanity and ability to have fun at work.Decorate your workspace with things you enjoy. Bring in pictures of loved ones or those flowers that always make you smile. Add a pop of your favorite color. Whatever it is, make your workspace a home away from home.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time at work, you might as well make things comfortable! Making an office space your own can improve your happiness at work.

2. Compliment your coworkers

Compliment a coworker every day. If there is anything that feels better than receiving a heartfelt compliment, it’s giving one. Making a coworker feel good improves work morale and is a great gateway to friendship. And of course, having a friend at work is sure to make it more enjoyable.

It can sometimes be easy to ignore or avoid our coworkers. One way to improve your happiness at work is to compliment your coworkers instead!

3. Eat a good lunch

Take time to pack yourself a delicious lunch! The difference between having an enjoyable or mediocre day may depend upon your decision to prep a lunch. A great lunch gives you something to look forward to during your day and leaves you energized for the remainder of your time at work.

Bringing a good lunch to work can give you something to look forward to and enjoy during the day.

4. Leave your work at the office

Keeping your work life and home life separate is critical for making both more enjoyable. Be as productive as you can during the day to ensure all your tasks are completed before your return home. A balanced life is a happy life.

No one likes bringing the stress of work home with them. When you pack up for the day, make sure to leave work at the door.

5. Choose every day to be happy

There are many things in life you don’t have power over, but your attitude isn’t one of those things. Before each shift, choose to be happy. If at first you have to force it, that’s OK. Acting happy will make you happy.

Being happy is a choice. Even if things are hard, you can choose to make every day more positive than the last.

Myth Busted

Contrary to common belief, work can be fun and enjoyable. Choosing to be happy each shift, giving your workplace a personal touch, reaching out to coworkers, packing a great lunch and keeping your work and home life separate are just a few easy steps you can take to make work more enjoyable.