LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Users can find new opportunities to expand their careers and connect with other professionals.

So, how can you stand out from other users and make yourself more marketable? Learn how to build a strong LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is more than just an interactive social media network; it’s a networking tool. It offers a variety of features that benefit users, especially those who know how to build a strong profile.

Here are five tips for building a strong LinkedIn profile:

1. Use your profile as a resume

Your LinkedIn profile can become a more complete and interactive resume. As you include more credentials and resume-based information, you’re essentially building your resume. This comes in handy because some websites will allow you to apply to jobs and connect to your LinkedIn profile to import all your important information.

2. Get back in touch with old colleagues

Building a strong profile means building strong network connections. You can use the ““My Network”” section to find old colleagues, teachers or people you went to school with.  Building this network allows you to make different connections with businesses that you otherwise might not have made.

3.  Participate in relevant groups

Participating in relevant groups shows that you are active, motivated and passionate about your career and expanding your opportunities. As your participation increases, professionals in your industry will start to notice you and be more willing to make connections.

4.  Blog about what you know

Back to building that resume. A resume can include portfolio material. Quality writing samples can garner high credibility. LinkedIn has a publishing platform – Pulse – that allows users to publish blog posts. Your published posts will show up on your profile, which builds your professional reputation in related fields that are relevant to your experience.

5.  Find and apply to jobs

Building your profile will give you more job opportunities. Yes, you can search for jobs in the toolbar. However, as you list your skills and job experience along with building your networking circle, employers and companies will seek you out.

By following the suggested guidelines, you will begin to see an increase in your search engine optimization (SEO) and a rise in traffic to your profile page. When it comes to potential employers, choosing to have an updated and active LinkedIn profile will give you an overall professional aura and help prepare you for the world of job searching.