Is your business growing the way that you want it to? After all the time, money, sweat and tears you have invested, is it reaching the numbers you had in mind? Finding new opportunities for company growth can be exhausting. At Soapbox Agency, we know how you feel. Instead of throwing in the towel, take a look at these five strategies to make your business stand out and become the talk of the town.

Don’t Forget About Your Network

Your customers are everything when it comes to getting your name out and showing great customer service. Never forget about the people who increase your business

Target Your Social Media

Whether you are in retail or a prominent blogger, social media is a medium that can reach your clientele like never before. Not only can you gain followers easily, but it’s a strategic way to make your products known. Earned media becomes a possibility if your product or service influences enough to people to start talking about it through social media.

Let’s look at Etsy’s tactics and success. This company allows people to buy and sell their products, creating a brand to build networks for craft-minded buyers and sellers. They made it possible for buyers to curate and promote their own businesses on Etsy’s service, this, in turn, led to buyers getting hooked on the site. Their secret? Etsy became the supportive platform for vendors who used, #etsy, gaining a steady stream of social traffic. Etsy has more than 2.7 million Twitter followers, all because of creative sellers who were proud to use the hashtag.

Hashtags are a simple tactic to use, but people seem to love giveaways, contest and shout outs. When you know your demographic, you can tailor these strategies to successfully appeal to your own audience and grow your following.

Diversify Your Business—Take Risks

 Some of the greatest businessmen are considered to be bold, stubborn, competent in their strengths and even play hardball when they need to. To be successful, thinking outside the box is a must. Unique approaches and tactics stick in consumers’ minds more than the average steps of running a business. Risks include hiring employees, marketing strategies and investing your time and money. Although risks may be unsettling, they aren’t random gambles. The “go big or go home” mentality may just be the best thing you do for your company. Be bold, be daring. Investing in an agency like Soapbox will bring fresh ideas to the table. Consider your wild factor.

Strive to be Innovative

 Being able to change and adapt to the fast pace market is a valued trait in a business. Innovation aids in creating just the right business environment to develop your ideas and pin point efficiency to be the most profitable. Like a family planning their monthly budget, your business needs to hone in on the little details of spending and what can be cut down. Not only should financial innovations be looked at, but promoting innovation in the work place by encouraging imagination and creativity. Welcome feedback from employees with suggestion boxes in the workplace. Let your business flourish with fresh ideas from employees and consumers.

Don’t Rush the Hiring Process

The more your business grows, the more you realize you can’t do it all by yourself. You have worked hard to make your business successful, and now it’s at the point where you are considering engaging in the hiring process. Your employees have the potential to make or break your company culture. Creating a job description and listing specific qualifications helps narrow the nominee pool, l but take the time to interview them with your end goal in mind. The skills the employee can bring to your company could help you accomplish your goal of being innovative and successful. Just remember, that good things happen to those who wait.